We were staying at a place called Uncle Howie’s General Store. They serve some food such as pizza, but I asked about any good restaurants in the area. They said there was one about 20 minutes in one direction, and another about 20 in the other direction. They also mentioned one that we should avoid. The Oxbow Inn was one of the restaurants they suggested. And since it was in the direction of a place we were going to visit, we chose it.
The Oxbow Inn was very easy to find. The parking lot was packed, but we found a spot to park. We went inside, and got our name on a waiting list. The girl said it would just be a few minutes (actually it closer to 10 or 15 minutes). We waited in the bar area. The place was filled with many local people, as well as many seasonal visitors. Signs on the walls of the bar area advertised a raffle for a rifle, a fishing tournament, and bingo down at the fire hall. Another sign on the wall said to file a complaint, press the red button…which was strategically placed in the trigger of a miniature bear trap.
After a bit, we were seated. We were given the specials. I decided to order one of the specials which was scallops and linguine in a heavy cream sauce. My wife ordered the sesame chicken. Along with our meals, we also got the soup and salad bar. I got some of the potato/garlic soup which was very good, and reminiscent of clam chowder. We both got salads.
Then our entrees came. The bowl that mine came in was huge. I ate the scallops first, and they were very good. Then I began to eat the linguine. It was also very good. The heavy cream sauce was like an alfredo sauce, but thinner. My wife’s sesame chicken was also very good. It came with rice and veggies.
I was full long before finishing my entrée. My wife too was filled up. They had some wonderful looking desserts, but we were full.
The Oxbow Inn is located on Route 8 near Piseco, NY 12139. Phone: 518-548-7551.