Were going on a cruise laster this year, and I have been searching for a portable digital storage device. I bought my Nikon 7900 digital camera with the cruise in mind. After playing with the camera I liked the video it took so much that I don’t plan on taking a camcorder. But it will only save about 14 minutes of video on a 1GB card. I have a couple of 1GB cards, and a 512MB card. I plan on taking video and stills. It is a 8 day cruise with stops in Panama, Costa Rica, and Belize. I know I want to be able to take more than 40 minutes of video during the cruise. So after alot of researching I found the 20 GB FotoChute made by SmartDisk. The FotoChute will allow me to download the contents of the cards into the device, so I can clear the cards each day. Then when I get home, I can load the contents of the device into my computer. I will then be able to burn the video on to DVD which will be cool. And the FotoChute only cost me $99 on Amazon which after research seemed to be a great deal.
I still need something that will allow me to take my camera in the water such as while tubing or snorkeling. I am looking at getting an Ewa-Marine model D-MM. That seems like it will do everything I need, and at a cost of under $100.