I love Orbitz! I used to use Travelocity, but had so many problems with their website. I first tried Orbitz one time when Travelocity’s website was not working correctly, and I needed to get tickets right away. Funny thing was, the tickets I got at Orbitz were cheaper! What a deal! A friendlier website, and cheap airline tickets! With Orbitz, travel planning is made easier! When you do your search for tickets, cheapest airfares are listed first with various combinations of flight times, and stopovers. I never fly first class, preferring the cheapest tickets I can find. Why would I want to pay hundreds of dollars more just to have a slightly larger seat for an hour or two? I’d rather have cheap air flights and low cost airline tickets.
I just got done ordering airline tickets, and reserving a rental car for a trip to Gatlinburg, TN in August. First I researched plane tickets, and they came to $356. When I selected a flight and car package, and chose cheapest for the car, it came to about $590. $234 for an economy car for a few days? With the package, it seemed that the only car choices were Budget, and Avis, and it seemed to default to the Avis which was more expensive. When I looked at separate car rentals, I saw I could rent an Alamo car for $140 for the few days. So I went about booking the air separatly. I found a nice selection of times. I chose to fly through Washington DC, which gave shorter in-air times, and a slightly longer layover in DC on the trip to Gatlinburg. Short layovers scare me as there is less room for error, and greater risk that your luggage wont make the connection.
As I was going through the confirmation process, it offered me a Budget rental car for $130 for the few days. Hmmmm. That was cheaper than the Alamo car. Maybe I said I would have the Alamo car for an hour or two longer? I checked the box to include it.
I said no to the rental car insurance. I am covered by my regular auto insurance. In fact I used that last year when I bounced the Budget rental car off a guard rail. I considered getting the optional insurance, but decided against it. If I got in an accident, my personal insurance would likely go up anyway. So I would be basically flushing money down the drain being doubley insured.
I recieved my email confirmations shortly after I was finished online.
I made my hotel reservations this morning. And then with Orbitz I booked my flights, and reserved a rental car.