For our honeymoon my wife and I took a seven day cruise aboard the Carnival Sensation. This was our first cruise. Our second port of call was San Juan, Puerto Rico.
For an excursion, we chose a city tour. The city tour was basically the bus driving us around the city, and the driver pointing out houses of different styles, and mentioning who lived where. It was pretty boring actually.
Following the city tour, we were dropped off back in Old San Juan. Helen and I walked up the road to a castle. Looking at a map now, I think it was San Cristobal Castle. We toured the castle exploring many nooks and crannies. Helen took a great picture of me standing next to a cannon that was pointing at the bow of our cruise ship.
Following the castle, we wandered back down the steep narrow street exploring the small shops of Old San Juan. Many of the shops were selling jewelry, and others were selling liquor especially rums. We bought a couple loose amethysts which I later had mounted as earrings for Helen. Old San Juan was very cool. I wish we had had more time to spend there.
The next time we visit San Juan, I want to spend more time in Old San Juan exploring the little shops. I also want to visit the castle again. I believe there was also a rum factory tour. I think I would like to do that also.