My wife manage to schedule herself off for three contiguous weekdays. I have plenty of vacation time accumulated, so I took a few days of paid-time-off. We discussed where we wanted to go, and decided that it would be fun to go camping in Old Forge, NY in the Adirondacks. We had camped in Old Forge before but it had been 10 years earlier. I couldn’t remember where we had stayed before. I went online and researched a few places. There were some state campgrounds, but the private owned Old Forge Camping Resort sounded nice. I noticed that they had Wi-Fi in the lodge, and I thought that a place with Wi-Fi will probably be pretty well-maintained.
I called and made reservations for a tent site for a couple days. The tent sites cost $24 a night. I asked about cabins, and the cost of cabins was $60 a night. After getting off the phone, I kept thinking that maybe I should have reserved a cabin, instead of a tent site.
My wife had to close the previous night (Sunday), so we slept in, and left home around 9:30am. Check in time was 2pm, so we had plenty of time to get there. We took back roads all the way. It was pouring rain. We arrived about 2:30pm.
We went into the lodge to check in. I asked if we could upgrade to a cabin, and it was not a problem.
The cabin was small, but nice. There was a full sized bed, and two bunk beds. The beds had plastic covered matresses. They were on the firm side. The cabin had heat, electricity, and a light. Outside there was a porch swing, and a picnic table.
It rained a lot of the first day, so we spent a lot of time in the cabin. When the rain broke, we took our dog for some short walks. I went fishing for a bit, but didn’t catch anything. I didn’t even get a bite. I think the fish may have been shut down due to the cold front that came with the rain. We retired back to the cabin, and watched a DVD (100 Girls) on my laptop computer.
We tried to sleep in on Tuesday, but the dog woke us up and had to go out. My wife took her out, and I slept. A little later she took a nap, and I took the dog for a walk around the lake. Oh Yeah, Old Forge Caming Resort has their own private lake.
We kicked back and rested in the cabin for a while, and ate breakfast of cold fried chicken, and potato salad. Then we decided to go off and do something. We settled on climbing Bald Mountain (aka Rondaxe Mountain). We parked at the trailhead, and started climbing. Some parts were a little steep. Large chunks of the trail are walking on bare rock. Not so much for me or our Airedale terrier, but for my wife who is not in the greatest shape. Towards the top, when we were in site of the fire tower, we left my wife sitting on a rock while the dog and I completed the climb to the top. I climbed the fire tower. There were great views up here. Then we made the slow descent.
Following the hike, we returned to the cabin. I grabbed my laptop and headed to the lodge. The wi-fi worked great. I even discovered why my laptop sometimes would lose wi-fi connection while using the laptop on my lap and would not get it back without rebooting. I was bumping a button on the front that would disable the wi-fi connection. I lost connection in the lodge. I pressed the button, and got it back. Anyway, I worked on this log for a while while watching satelite TV. A young girl hit me up for donation for her polarbear skiing club. I gave her $5. My laptop battery started getting low, so I wound up, and headed back to the cabin.
When I got back to the cabin, I could hear road workers working on the road about 100 feet behind our cabin. They were installing guard railings. I wanted to see how they planted the posts. I put my dog on a leash, and walked through the woods towards the road. They had a cool hydrolic machine that pounded them into the ground. We watched for a few minutes, then headed back to the cabin. It was then I noticed that my dog was now covered in burrs. We spent about half an hour picking burrs out of her fur getting the majority out. We continued finding more burrs over next couple days.
We sat in cabin relaxing, and watched the movie Saw using my laptop as a DVD player. Then it was time for dinner. We headed into town. When traveling we like to eat local food over chains that are available at home. We drove through town passing the McDonalds, and Subway. We noticed many of the small shops were closing, and it wasn’t even 4:30PM yet. We chose a small burger place named Pied Piper. My wife got some fish and fries. I got a bacon double cheese burger, and we both got a couple medium drinks, and we shared a small order of poppers. The food was just okay. The portions were small for the costs. The medium drinks would have been smalls in many places. The burger was small, the fish stingy, and it cost us ove $18. We Would have been better off at the McDonalds! We decided to have a couple ice cream cones. I ordered a cookie dough ice cream cone. She gave me the cone saing it was cookie dough. I don’t know what it was, but it didn’t taste like cookie dough ice cream. We walked around the area for a while eating our cones, then head back to the cabin.
It started raining again, so we hung out in the cabin. We watched Wedding Crashers on DVD. The mattress that was supplied with the cabin was a bit stiff for our liking, so we brought in our full size air mattress, and inflated it. It was much more comfortable, and we got a better nights sleep.
We got up Wednesday morning, and packed our car. We quickly checked out, and headed into town. We thought about eating at the Pancake House, but decided that we wanted something quicker, as we didn’t want to leave our dog in the ca that long. We got a breakfast at McDonalds. We scanned the store fronts. Most weren’t open yet, and nothing really intrigued us, so we just headed home.
It was a relaxing couple days. I wish we would have had a little nicer weather.