For the last two years, I have flown to Las Vegas to spend a week with my dad, and to run the Las Vegas Marathon. There has been much doubt this year as to whether the Las Vegas Marathon would even happen due to the financial state of the company that runs it. So I have waited to see what was going to happen. I had kind of kept it in my head that if the race didn’t happen, I could fly out and do one of the other races that my friends do, and still spend a week with my dad. I have been watching flights to see if I can find any cheap air fares. But now with economy, and the stock market taking a dive, it looks like I am no going to make it to Las Vegas this year at all. Right now I have way too much credit card debt, and I am still paying for my wife’s college tuition. The Las Vegas trip will just cost too much for me right now. The costs with include, air fare, rental car, hotel in Las Vegas for a night or two, parking at local airport, marathon registration, food, and who knows what else.
Oh well. I am going to miss my friends, and miss the Las Vegas Marathon. As we have gotten closer, it look as if the race actually will happen, though it will like be much smaller than the previous few years. I will hopefully get back to Las Vegas next year.