This afternoon we were down in Mystic, CT to meet an acquaintance on my wife’s. I was browsing the rack of pamphlets for anything that looked interesting. I found one card for a place called Nature’s Art (at the Dinosaur Place). They listed Toys, Beads, Jewelry and Minerals. I thought it might be something my wife would be interested in. She has been really accommodating and tolerating my stops at used bookstores along the way. So I have kept my eye open for things she might like. I thought the place was in Mystic, but it turned out to be in another town named Montville, CT. I found it on a rough map of the area, and it looked like it might be not too far out of are way up to Albany. I looked up Montville up in my GPS, and it wasn’t in there. At least not in the base map.
Using the rough map, we headed up in the direction where Montville should be. But at one point we came to a place where we weren’t sure to go. We were right next to a post office. So I ran in and asked where to find Nature’s Art or The Dinosaur Place. The guy gave me directions that lead me right to it. Our car needed gas, and we needed to get ice for the cooler. We also had some stuff in the car that we didn’t want to bake in the hot sun. So I dropped my wife off at the front door, and headed off to the gas station down the street. I got gas, and ice, and headed back. They have a great big T-Rex statue out front wearing sunglasses, and holding a can of Coke. I parked the car and my wife came out. She said they had a lot of stuff, but it was all stuff you could find elsewhere. Some of it she knew she could find cheaper elsewhere. They had all kinds of geodes, cut and uncut crystals, natural beads, wood beads, fine jewelry with quartz, amber, statuettes, and figurines. They also had lots of stuff for kids. But it was nothing she needed to have right now. So much for our detour.
We did stop in at their ice cream stand. I got a cone, and my wife got a root beer float. Another couple we met there said they had taken their kids to the Dinosaur Place. They were unimpressed, and their kids weren’t impressed either.
They did have good ice cream though. But overall, it wasn’t worth the detour.
The Dinosaur Place is located at 1650 Route 85, Montville, CT 06370. (860) 443-4367.