When I was a kid, my family used to load up our 18 foot Terry trailer, hook it up to our station wagon, and head off to Copalis Beach for the weekend. Copalis Beach is just north of Ocean Shores on the Pacific Ocean. But I think Ocean Shores was a little more expensive. We would leave home on Friday evening, and get in to Copalis after dark. There was, and I think still is, a little trailer park where we could pull in our trailer, and hook up to the utilities: water/sewer/electric. This was before cable TV was really big, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they have cable TV hookups now. We’d be out there in the dark with flashlights, jacking up, and leveling the trailer, and getting everything hooked.
The trailer had propane heat, and we would have to light the pilot light of the heater using long wooden matches. The refrigerator was also propane driven, so we would have to get that going as well. My mom would make big batches of sloppy joe mix, and store in in the fridge in a tupperware container. We would just scoop some out, and into a little sauce pot and heat it up on the propane stove. When it was warn, we would eat it served on hamburger buns.
At night, my brother and would sleep in sleeping bags up in this little loft thing that slid out. Out parents slept down below on couch that opened out into a bed. If we had anyone else, the dinette also converted into a short bed. We could fit a lot of people in that little trailer. At night we would go to sleep hearing the ocean not very far away.
In the morning we we get up, and mom would make breakfast of eggs, ham, bacon, and stuff like that. Us kids might have cereal. Then we would head outside.
It was just a short walk down to the ocean. We would walk up and down the beach picking up shells, or peices of driftwood. Occasionally we would find something cool, like a glass float, or stuff that came from another country. Sometuimes we would build sand castles, or just digs holes in the wet sand. Or we might play up in dry sand of the dunes.
We had two motorcycles. They were Honda Trail 90’s, or as we refered to them Toilet Seat 90’s. They travelled to the beach on racks that were mounted on the front and back of the trailer. They had automatic clutches, so you didn’t need to pull in a clutch handle when shifting. When we were little kids, my parents would drive them, and us kids would sit on the back with our arms around our parent’s waists. I had a young foster sister named Rhonda for a while that would actually fall asleep back there, so my mom took to strapping Rhonda to her so she wouldn’t fall off. When we were a little older, us kids would take the bikes out ourselves, and ride on the beach or in the dunes. The Trail 90’s are small bikes, but when you are a kid, and the bikes has fallen over in the soft dry sand of the dunes, they can be tough to lift. We always wore helmets, and we never got seriously hurt. We would ride the bikes as far as we could. Eventually we would run into a river going into the ocean that we couldn’t cross. I have had bigger motorcycles, but I don’t think any were as fun as those Honda Toilet Seat 90’s.
On our explorations of Copalis Beach, we found an old boat that was partially buried in the sand high up on the beach. We never knew how it got there, but we thought it was cool. We visited that boat on many trips.
On Sunday afternoon, we would start loading everything back up. Then we would drive home. I’ll never forget those weekend trips to Copalis Beach.