Mp3 players are a great invention! Back in the old days, you would have to have a bulky casette player, and loads of tapes. The came portable CD players that were maybe even bigger than the cassette players. And then stacks of CDs. But with mp3 players, you don’t need to have piles of tapes or cds. And the mp3 players are relatively tiny!
A couple years ago, I bought 250 meg Sandisk mp3 player at Circuit City on Black Friday for $50. It was an afterthought. I had not been shopping for one. But I grew to love it. I could load it up with music, and take it on vacation. It was great to have tons of music while sitting in an airport waiting for an flight. I have also used it while hiking.
But as great as the 250mb mp3 player was, I could still run through all the music between leaving home, and arriving and my destination.
Last year on Black Friday, I found I could buy a 512mb mp3 player for around $50. But I decided it was worth $50 just for double the amount of music I could have. So I passed. I planned to wait till this year’s Black Friday, and look for a deal on a 1gb mp3 player. But with a trip to Gatlinberg, TN planned for next month, I decided to look at some mp3 players. I looked around on eBay, but I didn’t trust what I was seeing. Many of the auctions were from sellers in China. There were many cheap off-brand mp3 players. I decided to look at Circuit City’s website. I found a 1gb mp3 player for $69 (with free shipping). It had decent reviews. I shopped around. I found the same 1gb Sandisk Sansa M240 mp3 player on Amazon for $59 and free shipping. I ordered it. In the pictures it looks like it might be just a slight bit larger than the one I currently have. I hope it isn’t too much larger though. It should be able to hold 4 times more music than my 250mb mp3 player. It will be great to have on my trip next month. The trick part will trying to figure out what music I want to put on it. I could load an audio book on to it. But I probably wouldn’t, as I wouldn’t want to be listening to the audio book over and over. Music, I can listen to many times.