I have often thought it would be fun to climb the highest peak in the Adirondacks. We just got back from camping in Old Forge, NY. While there, we climbed Bald Mountain (Rondaxe Mountain). It was a relatively easy climb. It’s elevation is only 2350 feet, and it was only about 400 feet of elevation change from the trailhead. But it was fun, and had some great views. It was enough to really me thinking about it.
The highest peak in New York is also in the Adirondacks. It is Mount Marcy. It has an elevation of 5344 feet and has a 3166 elevation change. But these Adirondack mountains are bumps in the ground. I grew up in washington state and was surrounded by whole rangers on mountains higher than that. Mount Rainier is 14,411 feet tall. Heck, Snoqualmie Pass is at 3,022 feet elevation, and that’s one of the lowest passes. There are several passes (Sherman Pass @ 5575 feet, North Cascade Highway @ 5477 feet, Chinook Pass @ 5430 feet) that are higher than Mount Marcy.
But still, it might be fun to climb Mt Marcy.