Mt. Desert Island is in the Downeast area of Maine. It’s not like island that you have to take a boat to, but is just off the main land, and can be driven to.
The biggest town on Mt Desert Island is Bar Harbor. But there are a bunch of other small towns scattered around the island.
A big chunk of the island is Acadia National Park. Entrance to the park cost $10 per vehicle. There are discounts for seniors, and others. Once in the park, you can drive around Park Loop Road. In the middle of the park is Cadillac Mountain, which is the highest point along the eastern seaboard. You can drive to the peak. There is a small information place/store up there. Bicycling Magazine named Cadillac Mountain as one of the top 100 bike climbs in the US.
Speaking of bikes, there are several bike rental places around the island. So if you want to do some bike riding check them out. There is one right n Bar Harbor that looks like that have some good quality bikes.
The beaches on Mount Desert Island are mostly rocky. There is one beach named Sand Beach which is aptly named since it is cover with coarse sand. Most of the other beaches are covered with rocks. Some shores are lined with boulders, while others are covered with smaller stones. These are great places for beach coming. You might find cool stuff like shells, interesting rocks, and maybe pieces of sea glass. Who knows what else you might find.
There is a lighthouse in Bass Harbor. You can drive almost right to it. There is a small parking lot, and then a short walk, maybe 100 feet, and you are there. There is a large bell there too. We watched a fishing boat off the shore dragging a net while we were at the lighthouse.
We also took an enjoyable drive around the perimeter of the island seeing what there was to see. There are plenty of little fishing villages around the island. And in places you can see where the boats have set lobster traps.
There are many restaurants around the island, but there are some great ones in Bar Harbor. I recommend Geddy’s in Bar Harbor for some great food and atmosphere.
If you are interested in camping, there are many little campgrounds around Mount Desert Island. From the KOA campground just as you come on to the island, to Blackwoods Campground in Acadia National Park, to the many little private campgrounds around the island, you are sure to find something that will fit your needs.
There are also some nice hotels around the Bar Harbor area, and many little motels scattered around the island. One older motel we passed advertised a price of $32/night. We didn’t stop there, so there may have been limitations on the price such as mid-week, off-season for a broom closet. Who knows.