Today was our third visit to the MIT museum. The last time we here was about 10 years ago. Surprisingly, a lot of it was the same, but a lot has changed too.
We arrived just after 10am. We found free 2 hour parking on the street literally a stones throw from the door. As we walked around the corner to the entrance, we found we could have actually park right in front of the entrance. Oh well.
We walked up the stairs to the museum, and found the front desk. I asked about admittance for two, and the woman said to go in for free. Hmmm… I thought they charged. My wife overheard as we were leaving the woman had misplaced the key to the register, and that was why she let us in for free. I looked up the prices, and it normally costs $5 for adults! Lucky us!!!
The first room had a cool exhibit on robotics and artificial intelligence. That was new and really cool. The room contained a holography exhibit which had been new when we were here last 10 years ago, though it was now a little smaller. The next room contained these cool artwork moving machines. They have been here since our first visit. But they have swapped out some of the machines for new ones. The next room had an exhibit on strobe photography. That had been new when were here last time. The next room had an exhibit about DNA. This stuff was so above my head that I had a hard time being interested in it. The next rooms had stuff all about the history of MIT. Some of it was really cool.
One thing that was missing was the museum of hacks. Hacks are elaborate practical jokes such as decorating a whole building as The Great Pumpkin in the middle of the night. That had always been my favorite part of the museum. I asked the lady at the desk about it, and she said it had been moved to the Stata building on Vassar street. She said there were a bunch of exhibits located over there now. Unfortunately we were scheduled to meet someone in Mystic, CT in the afternoon.
Another thing that changed was the MIT Museum store shrunk to a little display behind the admissions desk. They still had some cool items.
Next time I come back this way, I will stop into the museum again, and maybe get over to the Stata building and check out the exhibits there.
The MIT Museum is located at 265 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139. (617) 253-4444.