I have been in a airports, but so Miami International Airport is my lest favorite! Want to know why?
About two years ago, my wife and I were returning from a Caribbean cruise. The buses dropped us off. We were able to check our bags outside. They charged us $25 for each of our checked bags because they were over 50 pounds. I had never even heard of this before. In fact the bags weighed about the same as when we flew from Rochester to Ft. Lauderdale a week earlier. We thought about re-arranging stuff to move some heavy stuff to our carry-on luggage but we felt rushed here. More people were behind us. So we paid the $50 fee. We still had a carry-on bag each, a box containing 6 bottles of rum, and my wifes bag. So I rented a luggage cart for $3. I had never rented a cart before, but the box with the rum was heavy, and was uncomfortable to carry. We made our way into the airport and stood in the long line for security. This seemed to be only 200 or 300 feet from where we checked our bags. Where I got up the the check point, I was told I couldn’t bring in the cart that I had just rented. Say what? I was told I could another cart on the other side of the checkpoint. Screw you! I had just paid $3 to use a cart for a few hundred feet. I am not paying you any more! What a scam! Once inside, we looked for food. There was one place. I can’t remembe what I got, but I remembed paying over $10 for something to eat and drink for just me. The food was horrible, way over priced, and I was still hungry! I left my wife watching the bags, and I went back outside the security area again. There were more food choices out here. I ended up buying a couple slices of pizza and a drink, and brought it back for my wife. The foor here was better and closer to being reasonably priced compared to the first place I went to. Fortunatly the line at security was much small by this point.
I couldn’t wait to get out of this airport.