Our first visit to a Medieval Times Restaurant was about eight years ago. We were staying in Anaheim with the main focus of our visit being a trip to Disneyland and Universal Studios. An old friend of mine and her family lived a little north of Los Angeles and we planned to meet up with them. They suggested we meet at the Medieval Times Restaurant for dinner. I only had the vaguest idea of what a Medieval Times Restaurant was.
So we headed off to the Medieval Times Restaurant, and waited for my friend and her family to arrive. And waited. And then waited some more. Finally they showed up, but the show had already started. We got inside, and got our seats. We had missed some of the introductions and stuff, but not too much. At this point I was in a kind of pissy mood. They encouraged us to make noise, so I banged my metal plate. I was told not to do that as it would scare the horses. Apparently that instruction was given to the audience before we got inside. They took drink orders, and I got a Coke. I drank it. I asked for another, and was told that we only got like two of them, and I would have to wait til after I got my food. This made me even more grumpy. We then got our food. I like the food at the Medieval Times Restaurant. You get an appetizer, vegetable soup, roasted chicken, spare rib, herb-basted potatoes, and a pastry. You don’t get any utensils because they apparently didn’t have them back then. So you eat dinner with your fingers, and drink the soup from the bowl.
The show itself was kind of cool. They had trained horses doing fancy steps. The had knights doing various knight competitions such as grabbing rings with lances and throw javelins at a bullseye. Then they joust, and then they fight and one guy appears to get killed, but you always see the loser walking off the field with the aid of a couple others. I think this is so that kids will know that the person didn’t really die.
Overall, I enjoyed the show. They are not cheap. For the cost, you could go to a fairly nice restaurant. But then nice restaurants generally don’t have guys on horseback trying to “kill” each other. We have since been to Medieval Times Restaurants in Toronto, Illinois, New Jersey, Texas, and revisited the one in Anaheim. I have found the format is the same from place to place, but the story line changes from place to place. They may even change it around from time to time in individual places, but I don’t know.
If you ever watch the movie Cable Guy with Jim Carrey, there is a scene that takes place at a Medieval Times Restaurant, though I generally, audience members are not allow to fight each other as in the movie.