Entering Acadia, we passed right by the KOA campground. One of the things I liked about the KOA was they have free wi-fi. They also have the potential of cabins. But the weather looked nice, so we thought sleep in a tent would be fine. But according to their website, the KOA charged $40 for a tent site with electricity.
We were heading towards the Blackwoods campground. They charged $20 and night. $20/night seemed excessive for free wi-fi. And I thought the Blackwoods campground was where we stayed before. My wife didn’t think that was where we had stayed. Further reading showed the Blackwoods campground didn’t even have showers, and we would have to pay and some nearby place to use theirs. What?
But in our driving, we found the actual place we had stayed 12 years ago. The campground was called Mount Desert Narrows Campground. We stopped there. We asked how much they charged for a tent site with electricity. They wouldn’t or couldn’t tell us. I think they were new. They seemed to want to book us into a site without telling us how much it cost. When we finally got the price, it was $40/night and we would have to pay for wi-fi. But the tent site was on the water. I decided for that price we would rather stay at the KOA. So we headed to the KOA.