Airlines are really starting to enforce the luggage weight limits. We found this out the hard way. Two years ago we were coming back to Miami following a Caribbean cruise. The bus dropped us off, and they were collecting our bags right there. Our two big suitcases were both over 50 pounds, and they charged us $25 each. Given a little bit of time, we might have been able to re-arrange stuff, to maybe get one of the bags under the 50 pound limit.
Now when packing for travel, we pack much more carefully, and lighter. We now weigh our bags to make sure they are under 50 pounds. We also keep in mind that we will probably be bringing stuff back with us.
Weighing luggage at home is pretty easy with a bathroom scale. Though you might need to weigh yourself, then weigh yourself holding the luggage, then take the difference. You are unlikely wanting to take a bathroom scale with you on vacation. Who needs the extra weight, much less the pressure?
They actually make small scales designed for weighing luggage. These can also be pack into your lu
A good idea is to bring a fisherman’s scale. Here are a couple that can easily be packed into your bags to weigh your luggage for the flight home:
Luggage Scale with Tape Measure
Travelon 75 lb Luggage Scale w/Tape Measure

For a little more, you buy a nice digital fisherman’s scale:
Rapala 50 lb Digital Fish Scale

Berkley 50 lb Digital Fish Scale

And you want something really cool, Ricardo Beverly Hills Solutions bags actually have a scale built in to the bag! How cool is that?