Our visit to Barbados was in late 1996 while on a Carnival cruise. This was our 4th port of call. Having done excursions in each of the previous ports of calls, we decided to take it easy, and just find a beach, and do some snorkeling. We got off the ship, and headed into the information desk. We asked where a good place for snorkeling was, and the pleasant woman told us a good place was the underwater park (I believe it was Folkestone Underwater Park). We asked how much it would cost to get there, and she quoted us a price. We went out the door, and the cab captain, put us into a cab. Immediatly the drive of the cab was trying to charge us about four times the price the lady inside had told us the cab would cost. We began to argue, and he refuse to move. The cab captain came over to find out what was happening. The cab captian told him to take us the the park for the stated amount but the driver refuce to move. The cab captain had us get out of the cab, and put us into another cab. This new cab driver again tried to charge us more than the quoted amount, but finally relented and took us to the park which from I remember didn’t seem to be all that far away.
When we got to the park, the place was jam packed with people. Whoa. This is not what we expected. BUT, I had read the travel guides! I knew that all of the beaches in Barbdos were public. There are no private beaches in Barbados! So we started walking down the beach. We walked down the beahc maybe a quarter to a half of a mile. We were now the only people on the beach as far as we could see. We found a place behind a nice little hotel, and sat down. We used a few of the lounge chairs from the hotel. We spent the day swimming, and tanning. Occasionally we would wander up to the hotel to get some drinks, and bring them back down to the beach. We swam around the small reef looking at the all the fish. I chased a small shark trying to get a picture, but didn’t catch him. Occasionally locals would come along and try to sell us jewelry, coconuts, or liquor bottles filled with aloe. They were all nice, and left after we told them no. It was probably the most relaxing stop I have had in the caribbean. When it was time to leave, we walked through the hotel, called a cab who took us back to the ship. We didn’t have problems with this cab driver.