A couple years my wife and I took a two week vacation in which we drove from Rochester, NY down to Dallas, TX. Along the way we would stop and see various interesting things. On one of these stops, we did the Louisville Slugger Factory Tour & Museum.
As we approached Louisville Slugger Factory, we saw the giant Louisville Slugger baseball bat. We found a place to park, and made our way to the Louisville Slugger Factory.
The first thing we did was the guided tour. They took us through the plant where we saw automated lathes turning out Louisville Slugger baseball bats. That was cool. We also saw the other stages that the bats go through. There were other areas where custom baseball bats were being made for Major League Baseball stars.
The Louisville Slugger Factory also had a museum with a ton of stuff. This was the biggest collection of baseball stuff that I have seen except for the Baseball Hall Of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. Tons memorabilia. They also have a small theater where they play a movie titled The Heart of the Game.
They also have a gift shop where you can buy souvenirs. They will even make you your own Louisville Slugger baseball bat with your name on it.
If you are passing through Louisville, KY, check out the Louisville Slugger Factory Tour & Museum. It is very cool!