There was an ad for this place on the map from a campground we were staying at. There was no address listed, just a phone number. I tried to call them, but the cell service signal I was getting at the campground was too weak. I drove into town, and found another pizza place called Ina’s Pizzeria. But the girl at Ina’s said that it was too late for them to make me a pizza. They closed at 9pm, and it was currently 8:40pm. So I left. I drove through town looking to see what else was around. I tried calling Lombardo’s Pizzeria again, and thsi time I got them. I asked what time they closed. They said 9pm. I asked if they could still make me a pizza, and they said yes. I told them what I wanted and I got directions. I drove there. They are located just out of town to the west. I arrived at Lombardo’s Pizzeria. I waited for my pizza and I was out the door about 9pm. Why Ina’s couldn’t do it, I have no idea. Maybe they just didn’t want to. The pizza at Lombardo’s was excellent! I came back a couple more times for subs. Their subs were great also. The people who worked there were very friendly. Next time we are in this area, I will happily return to Lombardo’s Pizza Plus.
Lombardos Pizza Plus is located at 7845 State Hwy 5, Saint Johnsville, NY. Phone: 518-568-7111