I have been playing with the idea of going to Nevada to visit my dad in December. I have a ton of vacation time accrued, and I need to use it. Another reason is to run in the Las Vegas Marathon. I have never run a marathon before. I have never run a half-marathon. I have not run a 10k, or even a 5k. Up to a few weeks ago, I doubt if I had jogged more than a couple miles. But I have started to run on my treadmill. I have bought books, and started reading to see what it would take, and I can be ready by December. Just so you know, I am not starting from complete scratch. I haven’t been a couch potato. I have been training in and teaching martial arts for years, so I am already in pretty good shape. But I have started to walk/jog/run almost dialy on the treadmill. I have been doing about 40-50 miles. I already know I can walk the 26.2 miles. That wouldn’t be a problem. But I want to do it faster. I know I am not going to be able to run it fast enough to qualify for the Boston Marathon, but my goal for this first one is to finish it, and hopefully have a decent time. I have been training with a heart monitor, and have been working on building my aerobic fitness. I have already seen some small improvements. I am building the muscles in my legs that are used for running (not necessarily the same muscles and motions used for the martial arts). I will be ready. As the training for the marathon is not really fitting with this blog, I put up another blog fitness4sports.com where I talk about my training.
Plus it will be a blast to hang out with my dad, and relax out in Pahrump. Eat cheap prime rib dinners, and maybe even do a little book hunting.