Some friends and I were heading to Panama City Beach, FL to do the Ironman triathlon. We of course needed a place to stay. My buddy Shannon had already been to this race a couple times, so we relied on his advise. He told us about Laketown Wharf and said they even had a deal on the rate going. I booked a room for 5 nights, and some of my friends also booked rooms there. We had to pay a deposit which I think was around a third of the cost. My wife ended up getting a job and was unable to go. And Shannon’s wife was also unable to go. So I cancelled my reservation and got a refund of what I paid minus $50. Shannon and I shared a room. I think we paid a little over $100/night plus some fees. Shannon and I split the cost. And they even let us add a 6th day to our stay at the same nightly rate.
The rooms was great. There was a master bedroom with a private bathroom. There is also a pair of bunk beds that are right next to another bathroom. The bunk beds were positioned right off a hallway, and don’t have a door for privacy. Shannon got the room, and I took a bunk bed. There was also a full kitchen and living room. We also had a washer and dryer. They gave on tiny box of detergent, but you might want to bring some. There was a free wi-fi in the room. We had a TV and DVD player. The room was clean and comfortable. Oh, and we had a balcony with an awesome ocean view. The hotel had several pools, but we only had a chance to try one of them.
The hotel was located just a short walk from the race expo, and transition area. On the days before the race, we would walk across the road, cutting through Pineapple Willy’s to the beach to do some practice swims. And Pineapple Willy’s also had a pretty good pasta dinner special on the night before the race for $10. There are a bunch of other restaurants within a short walking distance from the hotel. I ate at Waffle House nearly every morning, which was right next door. And across the road is a Walmart store to pick up anything you might need.
One minor annoyance was that check out was at 10am. We were working to get our stuff out of the room, and loaded into the truck, and our room key code stopped working before 10am. Daylight savings time had ended, and apparently they forgot change the time in the system that controlled the expiration of the room key codes. I had to go back down to the desk, get a new temporary key code. So I wasted about 15-20 minutes dealing with this as we were trying to get on the road for the long drive home. But as I said , this was a minor annoyance.
I would definitely stay here again. It was a great place to stay and very well placed for anyone doing the Ironman race. There were lots of other triathletes staying here also.