My wife and I were staying in Waltham for the Boston Marathon. I also had some friends that were staying in the same hotel. We planned to go out for dinner. Not knowing any of the restaurants in the area, we looked in the little guide we got from the hotel. My wife and I wanted clam chowder, but beyond that, we had no real preference. We looked in the guide and found a seafood restaurant named The Naked Fish. It was right down the road. We headed there, and were quickly seated. Looking in the menu, I was surprised at the prices. $16 for fish and chips? This was not what I had in mind. We quietly left.
I set my GPS to take us into the main strip of Waltham. We drove down main street looking for some place to eat, but nothing jumped out. We went down another road, and spotted John Brewer’s Tavern. We decided to try it.
We were quickly seated. Service was very good, and we quickly had out drinks. The only thing I knew I wanted was clam chowder. My wife and I decided to share a bowl. As for the main meal, there were many things that looked good. I asked the waitress what she recommended. She recommended several things. Of her recommendations, I chose “Elaine’s Marinated Steak Tips”. My wife chose the Reuben Sandwich.
The clam chowder was very good. I have had better, but I have had alot worse. The steak tips were excellent, and my wife seemed to enjoy her Reuben.
One of my friends had the chicken pot pie. It had this big puff pastry thing on top and I was surprised how big it was. He seemed to enjoy it also.
If I qualify for the Boston Marathon again next year, I plan to stay in Walthan again, and I also plan to visit John Brewer’s Tavern again.
John Brewer’s Tavern is located at 39 Main Street, RT 20, Waltham, MA, 02453. Phone # (781) 894-9700. They have a web site at