We visited Jamaica in 2004 as the final port of call on a 7 day Carnival cruise. We chose an excursion that would take us on a tri-hull Catamaran. When we first arrived in port nothing was open yet. So we hung out we a while, and waited for the excursion. We boarded the Catamaran (They had reggae music cranked up) which took us a little ways away, and were allowed to snorkel around a reef. There were lots of cool sea life here. I saw many kinds of fish that I hadn’t seen in other Caribbean island waters. The captain was great, and he swam with us, and point out many interesting things that we might have overlooked ourselves.
After a while, we reboarded the boat which then took us along the coast of the island to Dunn’s River Falls. A couple of the crew-women were braiding and beading girls and women’s hair. The reggae music was still playing, and some people were dancing. It was alot of fun. We pulled into dock at the base of Dunn’s River Falls. They had us all hold hands as we climbed the falls. It was slow going as many of the people were not athletic at all. About three fourths of the way up, my wife said her knee was hurting her, so she exited to a side trail. At this point I was bored twith the slow slow slog up the falls and hand-holding a bunch of couch potatoes. There were a few people who had separated from the group, and were walking up ahead. I decided to do the same. I starting passing people quickly. Then at one point I stepped on a slippery rock, and jammed the index finger on my left hand. I may have even fractured it. (two years later my finger still has some stiffness-my Jamaica souvenir) But I sucked it up and kept going determined not to show the others that I hurt myself. I made it to the top, then set about trying to locate my wife. After a while I found her, and we head back down the hill. They were selling a video of climb, and I considered buying a copy. The video guy seemed nice, and it might have been interesting, but I doubt I would watch it more than once, then it would sit on my shelf gathering dust. We re-boarded the boat, and took a slow ride back the ship. We were heading into the wind at this point, and the water was rougher. They were serving free rum-punch. This stuff was STRONG!!! I think they just added a dab of punch to give the rum some color. I didn’t drink much.
After we arrived back at the dock, we decided to head to the shops. We were warned that some people can be aggressive here and to be on guard. We explored the shops, and saw a lot of the same kinds of stuff you see in the shops on the other Caribbean islands. We bought a few souvenirs, and headed back to the ship.