We were wanted to get some dinner and were looking for a restaurant. We weren’t sure what we want, but we did know we wanted to eat something local. We went for a drive to see what was around the local mall. Then we saw it. Ivar’s Seafood Bar! We had forgotten there was one here. The decision was easy, and we pulled.
Ivar’s is a local chain. The main restaurant is located near downtown Seattle on the waterfront. It is a larger fancier restaurant. But around the Seattle area, there are many smaller, fast-food versions of Ivars restaurant.
We parked and went inside. They have expanded the menu, and added some many higher end food choices. We ordered a bowl of clam chowder to share. Ivar’s has excellent clam chowder. I ordered the fish and chips. My wife ordered fried clams and chips. Both were very good.
If you are lookng for some good but inexpensive seafood, you can find Ivars Seafood Bars scattered around the Seattle area.