This last weekend I was running an ultramarathon that started near Piseco, NY. My wife and I needed a place to stay. Last year we stayed in a room above a general store. It was okay. This year I was hoping to stay someplace a little nicer, and closer to the race start.
I went online and searched for hotels in Piseco, NY and found the Irondequoit Inn. I was thinking this was the place where we had eaten dinner last year. I was wrong on that. We had eaten dinner at the Oxbow Inn. But the Irondequoit Inn was in a great location as it was only maybe half a mile from the start line. So I booked a room. According to their site, they have 12 guest rooms. Most of them have shared baths. But a couple rooms have private bathrooms. I opted to pay a little more and get one of the rooms with a private bath. Since I planned to be getting up ugly early in the morning, I didn’t want to be having to walk down a hall to a shared bath to take a shower, or possibly have to wait if some other racer was using it.
I booked the room, and paid a deposit. Later they set me a letter wanting the full payment. Hey no, problem.
Check in went okay. The office window was closed. I rang a buzzer, and in a minute or two someone came out and showed us our room. We met up with a friend, and went out to dinner at the Oxbow Inn.
The Inn is old, but clean and in good repair. My commented that the room have used a fresh coat of paint, but I didn’t notice anything wrong with it. We had clean sheets, clean towels, etc. Everything was clean. The room didn’t have a TV though. Another thing about the room was the outlets were all an older kind without the ground plug. I had to plug my laptop into the bathroom outlet to charge it.
After dinner I wanted to just rest up for the race the next day. I booted up my laptop to search for wifi. I found a secured connection label Irondequoit Inn Wifi. I didn’t have a password. I also had questions about the timing of a triathlon that was starting near the Inn the next morning. I went to the office and rang the buzzer. It was only about 8pm, and they said not to ring the buzzer after 9pm. No one came. I rang again, and still no one. I guess they weren’t coming to help me. Oh well. They were probably working to get ready for the next day’s triathlon.
I sat in the guest room talking to another guest. He was using a laptop. I managed to get the password for the wifi from him. He also got online and looked up the starting time of the tri for me. So I knew it shouldn’t interfere with my early morning start.
The guest room had chairs, tables, books, and pamphlets for local things to do. No TV though. There was a fireplace with a double-barrel shotgun hanging over it. That would probably be nice in the winter time.
The bathroom in our room wasn’t anything fancy. Toilet, sink, shower. No bath though. I never checked out the shared bathroom.
Oh, and there wasn’t air-conditioning in the rooms. Our room had a fan in the window which was nice. My buddy’s single room didn’t even have a fan, and he complained that it was warm.
Overall, I liked the place. If I do the race next year, I will likely try to stay here again. It was comfortable, clean, conveniently close to the race start, and not too expensive.
Irondequoit Inn is located on Old Piseco Road (route 24), Piseco, NY 12139. It’s near where Haskells Road intersects Old Piseco Road. Phone: 518-548-5500. Since the address is kind of vague, the GPS coordinates are N43 26.838, W74 31.560.