I just got back from a Caribbean cruise in which I visited Panama, Costa Rica, and Belize. I did a cave tubing excursion in Belize, and canoe trip that included swimming under a waterfall in Panama. I had bought and taken an Ewa Marine D-MM, but it was awkward, and didn’t work well with my camera. Before I bought the Ewa Marine, I had been looking at the Nikon WP-CB4. It is a hard plastic case designed specifically for my Nikon Coolpix 7900. If has buttons to control all features of the Coolpix 7900. So after having many problems with the Ewa Marine bag in Belize, I decided to get rid of it (probably sell it on eBay), and get a WP-CB4. But searching the net, the WP-CB4 seems to have been discontinued. Personally I think this is kind of raw on Nikon’s part. I have had the 7900 less than a year, and I don’t think it had been out very long when I bought it. Yet the underwater housing for it has already been discontinued? Whatever. Place after place I searched said discontinued, backordered, out of stock, etc. I found one place in New York that didn’t say this. I placed an order for it, but I fully expect to be told it is not available. It is worth a shot. I am not planning on going anywhere where I might need it for a while. But if I can get it, I might as well. If the camera dies for some reason before I get a chance to get back to the caribbean, I might be able to buy a used Coolpix 7900 at that point for relatively cheap. Or I could turn around and resell the WP-CB4.