It took me a while to figure out how many Sea Miles points I have earned on my Carnival Sea Miles credit card. I see by a few comments on my site that other people are frustrated trying to find this information as well.

There are two ways to find out how many points you have:
Call 1-877-732-6453 (the Sea Miles people), and they can tell you how many Sea Miles points you have earned. They also set up my online account.

Go to
Where is says USERNAME, type in the member ID from your Sea Miles card. It will start with a J (it’s at the bottom of the front of my card).
Click “Login”.
You’ll get a message that the login failed. But on this screen, you will see “New Member? Register Today!”. Click there, and follow the directions.

*** An account of the site is different than your account on the site. But they are tied together. You will see your credit card balance on the site, and your earned Sea Miles on the site.