Q: How to become a travel agent.

A: There are various ways how to become a travel agent.
You can become an outside agent (independent contractor), but it is a good idea to start as an inside agent or employee and learn the business. You can also build a client base this way. You can simply apply at any of your local travel agencies. There is no official requirement to be certified. You may not even need to have any experience. Travel agents do need to have knowledge of geography and probably sales and computer skills. If the travel agency requires that you have some experience, ask them for some suggestions for a travel school that you might attend. Travel schools can take a few months, but you will get training. They even might have job placement services. There is a standardized test called the Travel Agency Proficiency Test. Some travel schools teach and administer this test. The test is something that may look good your resume.
A travel agency might also take you on a volunteer basis. This is another way to get some experience.
Hopefully you can get a job as a travel agent, and gain some experience. After six months, you can get some more training at travel school, and become a certified travel counselor. There is no requirement for this, but it looks good.

Being a travel agent can bring some nice perks such as travel at discounted rates or being upgraded to luxury accommodation. These are offered by travel carriers and resorts as promotional travel incentives.

Hopefully this article answers your question of how to become a travel agent.