Having climbed a couple small mountains here in New York, I had an idea. Someday I want to climb Mt Rainier, but the cost is pretty steep. But I still want to do it sometime. But I was thinking that next year, a hike up to Camp Muir might be fun and doable. Maybe stay the night up there, and come back down the next day. Camp Muir is one of the high camps for the climb to the summit of Mt Rainier. It is located at the halfway point between Paradise and the summit. It’s elevation is 10,188 feet, and requires an ascent of about 4,700 feet over a 4.5 mile hike. I emailed my brother in Seattle and he thought it sounded interesting. I don’t think I would need much in the way of expensive equipment. I have a medium sized external frame backpack. I might want to get a better sleeping bag, and a better jacket. I have a good quality 2 person tent designed for back packing. A few posts I read suggested crampons and an ice axe, neither of which I own, but probably wouldn’t be too expensive. Not sure. I would have to do more research into the whole thing. There are probably some books that would tell me exactly what to bring. All of my stuff is back here NY. I suppose I could box the stuff and ship it back to Seattle before the trip. I definately want to do more climbing back here. Maybe play a bit on the Adirondack High Peaks. A little closer to home is the Hi Tor region down by Naples, NY. Lots of steep climbing terrain to play on.

I ordered a couple books that should give me some idea on what’s involved: Hiking Mount Rainier National Park by Heidi Schneider and Mary Skjelset. Also Day Hike! Mount Rainier by Ron C. Judd.