We found the Grandma’s Kitchen restaurant listed on a map for the campground we were staying at St. Johnsville, NY. The ad mentioned breakfast, so we drove into town. There aren’t many restaurant choices in St. Johnsville unfortunately. It was 9am, and was going to be a warm day. But being only 9am, it wasn’t very warm yet. Still, we parked our car right in front of the restaurant so we could keep an eye on our dog in the car. Even though it wasn’t that warm out yet, the sun was still shining. We rolled all the windows down about halfway, and put a sunscreen under the windshield to help keep the car cool. I often take naps in my car like this during my noon lunch hour at work. The plan was to go in, order breakfast to go. We would be checking on the dog, and my wife would have likely walked the dog and given her water in the collapsible bowl that we always carry, while we waited for the food. We don’t like leaving the dog in the car very long. We walked into the Grandma’s Kitchen restaurant and almost immediately this chunky guy in a dirty shirt came out from the back carrying food and said gruffly “What you are doing is unsafe!” He was very rude about it. I think he might have been the owner or manager. I explained that we were planning to order breakfast to go. He then refused to serve us while the dog was in the car. I wish I had thought to say something like, hey if you are so concerned, you won’t mind us bringing the dog inside. I am guessing he would have said we couldn’t. I was just shocked about what a rude jerk this guy was. I didn’t even try explain any further about our plans and that the dog wouldn’t be in the car very long. The guy was such a jerk, that I didn’t want to eat there now anyway. I found out there was a McDonalds down the road. We drove there and went through the drive-through. Our dog Issa enjoyed bits of our breakfast sandwiches and hash browns. My wife and I are both dog people. We have both had dogs all our lives, and know how to take care of them. Our dog is a part of our family. But like I said, the guy was such a jerk, that I didn’t want to eat there anymore. If we come back to this area again, we will not be eating at Grandma’s Kitchen restaurant due to that jackass!