My wife and I visited Gloucester, MA about 12 years ago. I am not sure why were came here. I remember that we were scheduled for a whale watch (that ended up being cancelled due to weather). I don’t remember if we came to Gloucester for the whale watch, or if we found the whale watch because we were going to be in Gloucester. Maybe Gloucester was just at a nice stopping point in our trip around New England.
Whatever the case, we really enjoyed our day in Gloucester. So when we were planning our trip around New England, we wanted to stop in Gloucester again.
So today we arrived. We are staying in the same campground we stayed in 12 years ago. The campground hasn’t changed much.
After setting up our tent, we headed off into town. After getting lunch at Capt. Carlo’s Restaurant, we went off to explore the town. It’s not like we remember. We thought there were more little places along the water. My wife wanted to see the Rocky Neck Art Colony, so off we went. We found it easily. We parked, and walked into a few shops, but it was not what my wife was expecting, so we left.
Back in town we drove along Main street. We passed a used bookstore, so we spent some time exploring that. There was another store my wife liked called Local Colors Gallery. But it seems like most of the shops are galleries filled with high priced stuff. Where is the cute little town that we visited 12 years ago? I guess the Gloucester we were expecting to find is only in our memories. I don’t know if we will stop here next time. We may try to find some other cute little town.