On my recent cruise with my Mom and Sisters, I got “conned” into playing a game of giant checkers with my eldest sister. (The middle sister did not want to play… umm lose). On the top deck of the river boat was a giant checker board with large wooden checkers. Since one of the housekeeping staff had mentioned that she had never seen any one play checkers on board. We decided that it should be done and send her pictures after the cruise. It was a nice day out and not much else to do. Except watch the water go by. My sister and I played two games. The first one ended in a draw. (We both played to keep the other from winning and did achieve our goal). The second game ended up with me losing. (But if you are the youngest in your family, you understand that that might be the best way to get your way.) It was a great way to spend some time but no one else want to join in the fun.