I had been geocaching from a relatively early time. Two years ago my wife and I did a cruise to the western Caribbean aboard the Carnival Victory. As our cruise approached, I searched to see if there were any geocaches at our ports of call: Cozumel, Grand Cayman, or Jamaica. There were geocaches in each of the ports, but only in Cozumel was the geocache close enough to the port to attempt.
Were supposed to be meeting some people at 10am. We got off the cruise ship slightly after 9am. I followed my GPS, and it led us to an area behind a strip of stores. My GPS was bouncing around, but then I finally spotted where the geocache was at. The name of the geocache was the clue that gave it away. At about 9:30, as I was only 10 feet away from the geocache, my wife yelled that she spotted our friends. I couldn’t keep them waiting, so I abandonded the attempt for the moment. I intended to come back before we reboarded the cruise ship, but unfortunately, we got back after dark, and it was raining. I did not think it wise to be walking around behind buildings, after dark, in the rain, without a flashlight, in a foreign county such as Mexico. So I gave up my opportunity to bag an international geocache. Thats the way it goes in Geocaching! :)