Last night we ate a lobster dinner in Bar Harbor down by the water. It was very good. Tonight after window shopping around Bar Harbor, we went in search of a different place. We love lobster, but wanted to try something else, but still stick with seafood.
We found a few places that looked interesting. We chose a place called Geddy’s Pub Restaurant. The sign said "Meet me at Geddy’s" And claims to be where locals meet.
We went inside, and were quickly seated. The inside is decorated with old signs, and license plates. The bathroom doors are marked "Inboards" and "Outboards". You might need to point the kids to the correct bathroom. I had 4 TVs in view that I could watch, all tuned to different stations, with the volume down, but the closed captioning on.
The menu listed something similar to what we have last night called the Island Special. It comes with a bowl of clam chowder, steamed lobster (1 – 1 1/4 pounds), melted butter, fries, and blueberry pie. This seems to be a local standard at many of the restaurants. But we wanted something different tonight. We started off with a couple bowls of Clam Chowder. It was excellent among the best I have ever had.
We our main course, I ordered the Baked Scallop Bearnaise (scallops & mushrooms baked in bearnaise sauce), and my wife ordered the Lazy Lobsta (lobster meat topped with breadcrumbs, shallots and butter). We had choices for the sides, and each chose the Caesar salad. The Caesar salad was just okay (mind you, we have been spoiled by very good Caesar salads). It needed more bite. I thought the baked scallops were great, though not quite as good as the ones I had in New Hampshire. My thought they needed more garlic. My wife’s Lazy Lobsta was also very good.
For dessert we split a Brownie Sundae. It was a large glass with a big hunk of brownie in the bottom, and covered with ice cream, and whipped topping.
Before our meal was brought, our waitress took our picture, and said it will be on the website in a couple weeks for us to download. The service was great, people friendly, the food excellent. I recommend this place highly if you are coming to Bar Harbor, Maine!
Geddy’s is located at 19 Main Street, Bar Harbor, Maine 04609. (207) 288-5077.