I have a love/hate relationship with my Garmin GPS V! I use it extensively when traveling, but there are times when I want to throw it out the window!
Some of the various problems I have had this trip include a lot of recalculating. I would be driving down a main road such as a freeway or whatever and it would suddenly think I was off-route (I wasn’t), and then start recalculating. What is especially annoying is when it starts recalculating right before an upcoming turn.
Another annoying thing is how long it takes to calculate the route. Sometimes it would take like 5 minutes to calculate the route. This was especially annoying when like above it would do it while enroute.
Another problem I had down near Mystic, CT. I saw an exit that I thought would take me to Mystic. But the GPS V was telling me the exit I wanted was a mile down the road. So I didn’t take the exit. When I got a mile down the road, there was no exit. Apparently the exit I had passed was the exit I wanted.
Then there is the occasional flakey routing. This afternoon trying to find our Hotel, I did a find, and found our hotel as a Point Of Interest. But for some reason the Garmin GPS V took us right passed the hotel had me turn into a mall parking lot, go through the parking low and had me back track to the hotel. My wife had pointed back saying I think I saw our hotel back there.
But I love that most times I can plug in a destination, and the Garmin GPS V takes us there.
At the time I got it, it was the best of it’s kind for the price. But these days more and more GPS units designed for car navigation are coming out for cheaper and cheaper prices. I may get another one in a year or two. Who knows.