On a Carnival cruise I took two years ago, I saw in the daily schedule a meeting for the Friends Of Bill W. First I thought, gee this Bill W must a be a popular guy. Then I thought about it, and decided it was probably a family reunion, and they had enough people to merit lisiting it in the daily activities.
Then on my cruise last month, I again saw a meeting for the Friends Of Bill W. What are the odds? Maybe it was some sort of club. I also saw a meeting for the Friends Of Dorothy. I thought maybe these were groups or people that met through a website like Cruise Critic or some other place. That they had been chatting online for months in anticipation of their upcoming cruise. Wow! Cool! Maybe I could organize a Friends Of RJ meeting! I thought about dropping in one of the meetings just to see what they were.
Fortunatly I didn’t just drop in. Out of curiousity, I did a google search on the Friends Of Bill W, and found this is a code for an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting (AA). Man, would I have been embarrassed! I am surely not an alcoholic. I drank a single strawberry daiquiri during entire 8 day cruise. I prefer Diet Pepsi thanks.
Then I saw what the Friends Of Dorothy was. Whoa! That would have made the Friends Of Bill W meeting look like a great place to be as I would have been completely out of place here!