I am not a great skier. When I have skied, I have mostly skied at local places. Skiing on snow for which every square inch has been skied a thousand times that day, and the day before, and the day before that. Most of the time it isn’t even natural snow, but manmade snow.
I have had the opportunity to have a weekend of skiing at Whister/Blackcomb. It was incredible! But when I was towards the top of one of the two mountains (not sure if it was Whister or Blackcomb), I could see a spread of virgin snow covered mountains going off into the distance as far as I could see. It was an incredible view. I thought, man it would be incredible to ski one of those mountains!
Then I read about something called heli-skiing. There are companies that will fly you into these remote unskied mountains in a helicopter. They drop you on the top of the mountain so you can ski or snowboard to the bottom, where they will pick you up so you do it again, maybe even on a different mountain. They even serve you gourmet lunches on the mountain. How cool would that be?
A quick search of the net shows that they have these fly-in ski vacations in places such as British Colombia, Wyoming, Nevada, etc. Places like Aspen, Vail, Jackson Hole, Whistler. Even in the Himalayas!
When you see those pictures in magazines, and skiing in movies, and on TV commercials, where you see the guy plowing through deep virgin snow, how do you think he got up there? You think he used a chairlift? No. They drop him off at the top in a helecopter.
Of course, these fly-in ski vacations aren’t cheap. 7 day packages seem to run around $5000-$8000. I am sure you can find some that are even more expensive.
Seeing that my wife doesn’t really like skiing, I doubt I will ever do one of these. I don’t even think I would like skiing to the tune of $5000. Maybe I will stick to cruising the Caribbean. It would be interesting though. If someone offered me the opportunity for free, I doubt I would pass it up.