I am flying to Las Vegas tomorrow morning. My flight is scheduled to leave about 6:55am. I have a 40 minute layover in Charlotte, NC. Then barring any problems, I should arrive in Las Vegas at 11:26am local time. The weather here in Rochester is relatively mellow, and will hopefully stay that way. I plan on being at the airport about 5am. Maybe get some quick breakfast at McDonalds in the airport. I am about half packed, and will finish tonight. I loaded up my mp3 player with music.
When I arrive in Las Vegas, I will get my luggage, then head over the pick up my rental car. Hopefully I won’t have to wait a long time to get the car. There have been occasions where I have had to wait a while for a car to come in.
Then I am heading over to Mandalay Bay. I will head off to the Quality Of Life Expo to pick up my runner’s packet. At 3:30pm I am scheduled to be involved in a glory lap and pep rally for Running Elvises. Then at 4pm we (the Running Elvi) are scheduled to meet the running brides and grooms that are getting married tomorrow during the Las Vegas Marathon. I am looking forward to getting there!