Years ago, I signed up for a US Air Frequent Flyer card. I took a few flights, and racked up some miles. Later, I had a bunch of points from a AT&T long distance program. I used the points to purchase more miles, giving more over 28,000 miles, enough for a free domestic flight. I was told they wouldn’t expire. Great! But I haven’t had a chance to use them. Since my wife and I fly together most of the time, I haven’t wanted to buy one ticket, and use the frequent flyers miles for the other. Too many problems. Or when we have flown separately, we haven’t had a any lead time to order a ticket. So I have just saved it.
But I have been planning a trip to Las Vegas to visit my dad, and run in the Las Vegas Marathon. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to use the miles! I called up, and it told me my card number was invalid. The number on my wife’s newer US Airways card had letters and numbers, my US Air only had numbers.
The woman at US Airways managed to located my new account number, and gave it to me. She told me that I needed to use my US Airways dividend miles as soon as possible, or I could lose them.
I called back and tried to find flights that would work. I wanted to fly in on Friday so that I could go from the airport, pickup my runners packet at Mandalay Bay, and head to my dad’s and rest on Saturday. But the flight arrived too late. I looked at Thursday flights, but the times were bad. I ended up choosing a Saturday morning flight. After I booked it, I noticed there was only a 40 minute layover between flights. I will cross my fingers and hope there are no problems. Checking US Airways website, there are two other flights from Charlotte, NC (where my layover is) to Las Vegas that would probably get me there in time to get my runner’s packet.
Choosing a flight home was easier. I am red-eyeing out the following Saturday night. That will give me a week to hang out with my dad. And the total cost was $15 to book it! Yeah! That’s a lot better than the $325 it would have cost to purchase the tickets! :)