After getting our tent set up, we headed off to Bar Harbor to find some food. Both my wife and I were excited to have some lobster! We found a space along the street and parked our car. We went for a leisurely stroll down towards the water. We found the restaurant that we ate at twelve years ago. It was named Quarterdeck. We looked inside, but there were not customers. I saw some wait staff, be weren’t sure if they were open. If they were open, no customers is not usually a good sign.
There was another restaurant down by the water. We headed down to take a closer look. They had a sign out listing the specials, and they sounded really good. The restaurant was named The Fish House Grill. We decided to try them.
We went into the building and down the stairs to the entrance. After a bit, a girl came out and seated us. There were lots of customers here. The menu had lots of seafood choices. My wife and I both chose the "Downeast Lobster Bake" which came with a cup of New England clam chowder, 1 ¼ lb steamed lobster, drawn butter, corn on the cob, and choice of potato. We both chose garlic mashed potatoes for the side.
After bit, he brought out everything except the clam chowder. When we asked, he brought us the clam chowder. He really should have brought it out before the rest of the meal since as we were eating the chowder, everything else was cooling off.
The clam chowder was good. We have had better, and we have had worse. The lobster was excellent! I loved the garlic mashed potatoes. The corn on the cob was okay. The only thing I would have liked to have seen was to have had the clam chowder before the rest of the meal.
The Fish House Grill is located at 1 West Street, Bar Harbor, ME. (207) 288-3070.