One of my inlaws thought it would be a great idea that we all do a family vacation. It has been suggested we do a river cruise. Well, my wife, her sisters and their mom did a river cruise in Canada last year, and while she enjoyed spending the time with her siblings and mother, she didn’t really enjoy the cruise itself. Other than her sisters, she was youngest passenger by about 20 years. I have seen pictures of the cruise and the excursions, and I would have been bored out of my mind looking at churches, and historical monuments. And one of the reasons they chose that cruise was because apparently it was one of the destinations that one of my sister’s in law’s husbands wouldn’t have wanted to do. So the cruise cost over $2000, way more than a Caribbean cruise that my wife would have enjoyed much more.
So here they are suggesting another river cruise, and I put my foot down, and said NO!!! Then it was suggested that we do some resort up in Canada that was around $2800 per person for 7 days. And that doesn’t include airfare, and who knows if it includes food. Do they think we are made out of money?
I suggested a Caribbean cruise. 7 day cruises start at a little over $400. I found an 8 day cruise that goes to Panama, Costa Rica, and Belize starting at $600. But the sister that is suggesting the river cruise say they don’t do big ship cruises. My father in law was looking at brochures with vacations starting at almost $4000 per person! OMG!!!
I told them flat out, we are not spending that much! I want the most vacation for money. And a cruise can be a fantastic deal. For prices starting at $430, you can get a 7 day cruise that includes room, food, entertainment. And we are talking food like prime rib, lobster, salmon, etc. Entertainment like broadway shows, comedians, hypnotists, etc. There is something for everyone. I am not locked into a cruise, but it seems like a great idea.
Now the current suggestion on the table to rent a villa someplace. I have seen nice 4-5 bedroom villas for $2000/week that we could split the cost of.
I don’t know what we are going to do yet. I do know I am not going to spend my time and money on something that I won’t enjoy, or that is going to cost an arm and a leg.