I needed to find a hotel in the Buffalo area for the night before the Buffalo Marathon. The Hyatt was the hotel associated with the race, but unfortunately they were book solid. I started looking around for other hotels in the area. The closest ones were very expensive. There were some less expensive hotels, but they were quite a ways away. I looked for something that was somewhere in between. I found the Econo Lodge Buffalo South was less than 8 miles away, and cost about sixty some bucks.
So today we arrived at the hotel. It’s just down the street from a mall. Check in went smoothly. The rooms all have exterior entrances. Our room was on the second floor. So we parked out front and drug our stuff up the stairs to our room. The area doesn’t looked great so I tried to bring in anything valuable from the car. There is a safe in the room to lock up valuables. The room is not very big, and the bed is only a double.
A couple of the wall mounted lights didn’t work. I thought the bulbs were burnt out. Later when we stopped by the office, I told them about the lights not working, and they gave me a couple new bulbs. When I got back to the room, I replaced one of the bulbs, and the light still didn’t work. I had turned on the switches, nothing. Then I found the light was unplugged back behind the nightstand. I pulled out the nightstand, and plugged it in. Then out of curiosity, I put the old light bulb in and it worked. I checked out the other light, and found it was only unplugged too. With effort I managed to reach behind the dresser and plugged it back in. Then that light worked too.
We found a dirty wash cloth hung over the shower rod.
I also just noticed that there is a deadbolt on the door, but it won’t engage into the doorframe for some reason. Like the slot in the door frame is too small, or located in the wrong spot so they don’t align right.
I kind of wish we had maybe tried one of the more expensive places.
Econo Lodge Buffalo South is located at 4344 Milestrip Road, Buffalo, NY. (716) 825-7530.