After leaving Portland, we headed up towards Bar Harbor on Highway 1. We were making pretty good time for the first part. I kept an eye out for used bookstores along the way, and actually found a handful. There were a ton antique stores, and craft stores, and artist stores along the way. One thing that was lacking was public restrooms. At one point, I really needed a bathroom break, and so did my wife. I had just gotten past a REALLY SLOW driver (driving 40 in a 55 zone with almost no opportunities to pass!!!!), and wanted get farther ahead so we wouldn’t stuck behind the a-hole again (and people wonder what causes road rage). So we started looking for places that might have restrooms. I just missed an exit that had a bunch of fast food restaurants. I didn’t notice all the stuff, till we had just passed it. We came upon a used book store right next to a gas station. We planned to go to the gas station, use the restroom, and then check out the used book store, But the gas station had no public restrooms. We continued down the road and found another used book store, but no restrooms. Finally frustrated, I slammed on my brakes, pulled off to the side of the road, I trudged off into the woods cussing out the slow driver, and took a leak behind a tree. I felt better. I backtracked about 5 miles or more to find the fast food restaurants. We went to a Dairy Queen where my wife used the restroom. I went to the men’s room to wash my hands. After ordering a shake and an ice cream cone, we continued on highway 1, managing to hit the used bookstores we passed, as well as a couple down the road. We are hoping to hit some more stuff along to way back.