My dad was going to be driving across country and and staying at my cousin’s house down in the Pittsburgh area. He wasn’t going to be able to make up to the Rochester, NY area, but we still wanted to see him, so we planned to head down to Pittsburgh. There wasn’t room for us to stay at my cousins house. We also wanted to take our dog, but we had been out of town just the previous weekend, and we didn’t want to have to stick her in the kennel again. She likes being at the kennel once in a while, but if we take her there multiple times in a short period, then she seems to not be as happy about going there.
So I search around online for pet friendly motels or dog friendly motels. I found a couple sites that seemed to be dedicated to listing these ( & Unfortunatly they weren’t super as easy to use as say Orbitz.
I found a bunch of hotels/motels that allowed dogs, but some had non-refundable deposits of up to $100! A non-refundable deposit of $100? That is frigging expensive! Or they had straight out fees for the dogs. Motel 6 seemed to be the cheapest and most dog friendly. They didn’t have an extra charge for the dog. You just needed to declare the dog when registering. The rules for dogs and other pets were pretty common sense. They wanted the dog to be quiet, not damage anything, and not to be left in the room alone, stuff like that. I went on to the Motel 6 website and easily booked a room.
Our stay at the Motel 6 was decent. I was a little bummed that they didn’t have free wi-fi. But as far as bringing our dog, there were no issues at all.