I have lived in the Rochester area for over 13 years now. I have eaten Dinosaur BBQ many times, but I have never actually gone there for a sit down meal. Often I will eat leftovers from catered meeting at work. Sometimes I would stop in and get a couple pulled pork sandwiches to go. I stopped doing this when the nearby parking garage changed their evening and weekend rates from 45 cents an hour, to a flat fee of $4. It just seemed like a rip off to pay $4 to park for 20 minutes so I could get food.
Anyway, my niece was in town, and we decided to take her downtown to Dinosaur BBQ. It was during the day, so the parking fee wasn’t a problem. Fortunatly there was room in the parking. I was concerned they might be full.
They were pretty busy, but there was an open table, and we were quickly seated. The walls are covered with license plates, and move posters.
There were a ton of BBQ choices. I ordered the pulled pork and rib combo. My wife order a sampler which had chicken, pork, and beef. My niece ordered some kind of portabello mushroom sandwich.
Our food came after abit. I thought the pulled pork would be on a sandwich, but it wasn’t. It was good anyway. The ribs were great. I sampled my wife chicken, and beef, and they were good. Everything was very good. I have always enjoyed Dinosaur’s macaroni salad. And today was no exception. One thing I miss however with the salt potatoes. Apparently they don’t do them everyday in the restaurant. They do them for the catered stuff though.
While not the greatest BBQ I have ever had, Dinosaur BBQ ranks in the top 3 or 4 at least.
Dinosaur Bar-B-Que is located at 99 Court Street, Rochester, NY 14604. Phone 585-325-7090.
They also have a location in Syracuse, NY, but I have never visited that location.