I took hundreds of digital pictures while on vacation. I also took some video also using my digital camera. You have to love these digital cameras! Anyway, I went through my digital pictures, and copied some of them to a temporary directory. I selected 45 of my digital pictures. Then I burned these selected digital pictures onto a CD. I took the CD to Target, and got my digital pictures for 20 cents each. So for 45 digital pictures, it cost me $9 plus tax. I thought it was nice that getting digital pictures printed is finally getting down to what it costs to get a roll of film developed and printed.
Then I was reading in Frommer’s Budget Travel about a place called WinkFlash. Apparently they charge 12 cents per digital picture and 99 cents shipping. And for the first order they have a special of 8 cents per digital picture, up to 75 prints. So I maybe can go back through my digital pictures, and get some more printed. My what I will do this time, is copy all of my digital pictures to a temporary directory, and then delete the digial pictures that I don’t want to get printed. Then I can put all the prints in a photo album.