My wife and I are in Ligonier, PA for a wedding. We spent the morning and early afternoon driving to Greensburg, Latrobe, and then back to Ligonier, visiting used book stores, thrift stores, and antique shops. After a busy morning, we were hungry and started looking around Ligonier for some place to eat.
Right in the center of downtown Ligonier is a roundabout that is named The Diamond. Not sure why. I am guessing someone thought it sounded nice. The roundabout itself is more oval shaped.
Tucked away in one the corners of the Diamond is a little cafe named Diamond Cafe. Clever name. They didn’t have a menu displayed outside or anything, but then none of the local restaurants seemed to. So we stopped inside to see what kind of food they had. We sat down at a table to peruse the menu. Pretty generic food offerings for a cafe. The breakfast meals sounded appealing. A couple eggs, toast, bacon, and maybe some hash browns might have hit the spot. But since it was afternoon, I am not sure they would have been offered. So I looked at some of the other items. I kind of decided to try the Bacon Cheeseburger. I thought it was kind of generic, but maybe it would be good. The menu also seemed to suggest that Elvis music is played on Sunday. Too bad we were there on a Saturday.
As we sat waiting for the waitress to come take our order, we checked the dining room. It was not particularly big. Maybe about 8 or 10 small tables. The decorations in the dining room were interesting. They have a large electric train that runs around the ceiling of the dining room. There is a large collection of post cards frames on the wall from all over the world. Are these places that the owners have visited maybe? There was a small sign saying they are not a fast food restaurant, and that all the stuff was made fresh, and thanking us for being patient. I saw a few 57′ Chevy’s and thought about my mom who used to collect them. One looked pretty old. Behind the counter I saw an old green shake machine, and decided that a milk shake could be really good.
Okay, enough about the atmosphere. You probably want to hear about the food. Well, I wish I could tell you. After about 10 or 15 minutes of sitting there watching the waitress come in and out of the dining room taking orders, and bringing food to other customers, she hadn’t even acknowledged that we were there. I even found myself timing how long it took the train to make it’s way around the dining room…about 50 seconds. I understand that this is not a fast food restaurant and that the food takes time to prepare. But you can’t even start preparing it until the orders are taken and given to the cooks. We got fed up with waiting, and being ignored, so we left and ate at the Ligonier Tavern. I am sure the food at the Ligonier Tavern was much better than what we would have gotten at the Diamond Cafe. And the service was very good, unlike here at the Diamond Cafe.
So if you are ever in Ligonier, PA looking for someplace to eat, I can’t recommend the Diamond Cafe.
If you do want to check them out, they are located at 109 W Main St, Ligonier, PA 15658. (724) 238-3111