I got to work today and found a voice mail on phone from yesterday evening. It said there were some flight changes and they needed to re-issue tickets so to call them. So I called them and talked to a guy with a thick indian accent. I could barely understand him. I kept asking him to repeat what he was saying, until I finally asked to speak with someone with less of an accent. He kept going, so I hung up. I called back and got another guy with an indian accent, but I could understand him. I gave him my info, and he said everything looked fine. I asked about why they called, and he put me through to a researcher. The researcher didn’t seem to have an accent. She said my flight from Rochester, NY was changed from 5:25am to 6am, and that I would still arrive in Fort Lauderdale at 9:24am, with a connecting flight in Atlanta. I thought that seemed like a short flight time considering a layover. I asked how long the layover in Atlanta was. She said that would be arriving in Atlanta at 8:15, and we would be leaving at 7… She paused and said that would work. If I hadn’t asked about it, they would apparently have re-issued me tickets that included a layover in Atlanta that had us leaving before we arrived. She offered a couple other flights, one that had a 45 minute layover, and another that got us to Fort Lauderdale a little after 1pm. Our cruise ship departs at 4pm. I told her that I would call the travel agent, and let them deal with it. I them called the cruise agent, and she told me that the 1:11pm arrival should be okay since the Ft Lauderdale airport is close to the docks. But she was going to research the issue further, and give me a call back.