Our flight was schedule to leave at 4:55pm, and arrive in Newark, NJ about 6:24pm. Our connecting flight is scheduled to leave at 7:45pm and arrive in Seattle 11ish.
4:10pm-The woman at the counter announced a delay saying something about a groundstop, and that the plane was on the runway. I didn’t quite understand what she was saying so I went to the counter to inquire. She said the plane that is to take us to Newark was still on the ground in Newark. Ouch! Apparently a groundstop is where they stop all air traffic due to a backup. Maybe they stop all outgoing planes if there is a backup of planes trying to land?
4:20pm-She announced that our plane was in the air. Our flight schedule to Newark takes about an hour and a half. So the flight from Newark to here should take about an hour and a half too. So if the plane left about 4:20, it should arrive about 5:50. They will have to unload the people and bags. Then they will have to load us, our bags, and maybe refuel. So maybe we get out of here about 6:30? With an hour and a half flight, that gets us to Newark about 8pm? I hope our connecting flight is delayed too. The lady at the counter said that our flight to Seattle was the last flight to Seattle tonight. So it could be a long night!
4:40pm-She announced that the groundstop had been lifted. Our plane is supposed to arrive about 5:15, and they will unload and reload the plane as quickly as possible. She said that while be about 20 minutes off our original schedule. I don’t really see how. If the plane arrives at 5:15, that’s 20 minutes after flight was supposed to leave. They still have to unload and reload the plane. Maybe that goes really quickly. If our flight arrives in Newark only 20 or 30 minutes late, we shouldn’t have any problem making our connecting flight even if it is ontime.
5:15pm-Our plane showed up and we had to wait for the passengers to get off.
5:25pm-We begin boarding the plane.
5:50pm-Our plane lifts off to Newark.
7:00pm-We arrive in Newark, NJ. I stayed and waited for our planeside check bags. My wife goes up to check with the gate agent to find where our next plane leaves from. According to our tickets, our next flight starts boarding at 7:10pm, but isn’t scheduled to leave until 7:45pm. So we begin our scramble to our gate.