We visited Martinique during a seven day Carnival cruise in 1996. It was the fifth of five ports of call. My brother decided to stay on board the ship and relax. My wife, my sister-in-law, my niece, and me decided to check it out. There were lots of shops. All of the prices were in francs which was interesting. A rough conversion was 5 francs to a dollar. I remember we stopped into a McDonalds, and I looked for a Quarter Pounder with Cheese. I don’t remember if it was a Quarter Pounder or if it was Royale With Cheese as mentioned in the movie Pulp Fiction. I do remember the price was 22 francs which worked out to $4.40 US. I am not even sure if that was for just the sandwich, or for a meal. In either case it was kind of expensive. I didn’t eat there. Everything was expensive there, even compared to other Caribbean ports where prices in shops near the cruise ship ports seem to be inflated. I think the only thing we bought was some bottled water. It could be because we were burnt out after the four previous ports. Or maybe we just were in the right place, or doing the right things. But Martinique wasn’t very memorable. Of all the islands I have visited in the Caribbean, Martinque is my least favorite. Not that it was bad, it just wasn’t memorable at all. Maybe the fact that the thing I remember the most was the price of a Quarter Pounder With Cheese might give you a clue to how unmemorable it was.